2021 Legacy Award Recipients

Alyssa Ettl Legacy Award Scholarship Recipient
Chloe McKinney
Action speaks louder than words for this 2021 Legacy Award scholarship recipient. Armed with strong leadership skills and character, she seeks experiences that require creative talent and a chance to work with others. She looks forward to a career that involves a degree of risk-taking in creating a positive change.
These career aspirations are much like what she has going on right now. Chloe McKinney has already proven that she’s willing to do what it takes to implement change that has a far-reaching impact.
For more than a year, students have been subject to the chaos of online learning, hybrid learning and in-school learning. While parents are quick to offer their opinions, it’s the students who can most enlighten us with ideas to make learning during a pandemic more successful.
And yet, it seems that we haven’t heard from them – until now.

Knowing that the current hybrid learning model wasn’t working for many students, Chloe and several fellow students took it upon themselves to create a hybrid learning model that would be more beneficial to learners. With what she describes as a “desperate plea of help to the school board and superintendent,” the group of senior officers noted limitations of the current hybrid format and offered ideas for improvement.

This learning experience taught Chloe the importance of putting yourself out there to be heard.

Chloe’s leadership skills are also found on the ice. For four years, she’s been a varsity hockey player. As the team’s leader, she made it a point to step back and look at how the team could implement attitude adjustments that would remedy social issues. With an emphasis on support and encouragement for all players, Chloe states that changes in the team culture proved to be a “rallying point for the 2021 season.” With mutual respect, support and hard work, the team found a new kind of success.

Chloe plans on obtaining a degree in international business or entrepreneurship.

Lakeview Bank is proud to honor students that make a strong positive impact. Congratulations Chloe, we acknowledge and appreciate your dedication to excellence.
High School Legacy Award Scholarship Recipient 
Arielle Moussougan
Arielle Moussougan’s story is one of ambition, compassion and drive. This 2021 Legacy Award scholarship recipient has an impressive story to tell about reaching goals and helping others believe in themselves.

From an early age, her parents stressed the importance of education and following one’s passions. As an African American, Arie feels an obligation to teach young black girls that dreams can become a reality despite circumstances. She’s a role model at school, with a 3.96 GPA, honors distinction, and representation on student and curriculum committees.
Arielle held leadership positions in Eastview’s Black Honors Association, National Honor Society and marching band. She’s been instrumental in leading school-wide discussions – such as, What is Colorism, What’s in a Word and Being Black at Eastview. Her motivation comes from a desire to bring unification, understanding and empathy for others.

Arielle knows that a leader must demonstrate integrity and lead by example.
George Floyd was killed only 20 minutes away from her home. Feeling heartbroken and numb from the injustice of the event, Arie knew that she needed to do something. Being a part of the state capital’s peaceful protest, surrounded by thousands of people who hurt like her, brought a sense of empowerment that she never felt before. Rage, confusion and disgust were exchanged with shouts of justice and reform. Arie knew that her determination and strength could create societal change.

From a very young age, Arie planned on being a doctor. With her values, compassion and support for others, we know that she’ll succeed in meeting the social and emotional responsibilities of the job and continue to have a positive impact on others.

Congratulations Arielle, we are proud of your accomplishments and dedication to excellence.
Citizen/Volunteer Legacy Award Recipient
Linda Kautzky
With over two decades of life-changing volunteer experience, Lakeview Bank’s 2021 citizen volunteer Legacy Award recipient has assisted countless women and children separate themselves from dangerous relationships and environments.

Linda Kautzky’s history of school, extra-curricular and church volunteer positions paved the way to finding an organization whose mission deeply affected her. Contributing time and energy to 360 Communities makes it possible for Linda to directly support women in crisis to find safety and rebuild their lives without fear.

Initially, Linda helped women at the Lewis House with resume writing and was a support group facilitator. In her words, “It was an honor to offer a safe place for these women to meet, confidentially “unpack” their heavy burden, and offer information to help them reach their goal of a healthy life free from violence.”
In the past two years, Linda shifted into the role of a volunteer court advocate. She now provides emotional support in the court room as women seek legal protection from their abusers. She states, “I am humbled to walk with them on this relatively brief, but intensely emotional, part of their journey to safety.”

Realizing the struggles of these women, Linda provides clients with the respect and dignity that’s absent from their lives. With a calming demeanor, she instills a sense of trust, confidence, kindness and patience.

Surrounded by her family’s strong support, Linda selflessly helps others to reach a place of comfort and joy. It’s through volunteer work that she receives so much in return. Being a witness to the women’s incredible courage and strength in the face of adversity fills Linda with the perseverance needed for difficult times.

She is forever grateful for their inspiration in her life.

Thank you, Linda, for the people that you protect. Lakeview Bank is proud to continue the strong tradition of recognizing the outstanding volunteers in our community!