President's Message

It’s been said that change is inevitable. Scary for some, exciting for others…and a source of uncertainty for us all.

After a political season that brought us winds of change—some might say more of a hurricane—we can all expect big changes in 2017. There is a new, unknown, administration in Washington DC that is promising changes in trade agreements, the Affordable Care Act, tax rates, regulations, and much more. And while we can argue about the political motivation behind the change, one thing we really can’t argue is that change IS coming! 

At Lakeview Bank, we understand change. Since we opened in 2004 we have witnessed monumental shifts in the community banking model created by rapidly changing technology, demographics, and consumer demands, a crippling recession, and rising levels of global fraud risk.

But even as Lakeview Bank has grown and evolved as a community bank since 2004, some things haven’t changed at all. We still greet you by name. We still pick up the phone and answer it when you call. We still go out of our way to understand you or your business needs and offer products and services that are in your best interests…not ours. And we never have, nor ever will, sell you something that you don’t want or need! 

Old-fashioned? Perhaps. Out of touch? Hardly!! In fact, we believe it is a formula that has fueled our growth and will continue to do so. Keep an eye on us in 2017, and you will see a bank that invests in the future…its own, its customers’, and most importantly, in the communities that it serves!

Tom Mork

President & CEO