Closing Checklist

Checklist of Information Necessary to Apply for a Mortgage Loan:

  1. A copy of the contract of sale if a new purchase (signed by all parties)
  2. Social Security numbers (borrower and co-borrower)
  3. Current address (and previous ones, if your current address is less than two years old)
  4. Your gross monthly income, to include:
    Base pay
    Commissions (if on commission, a copy of W-2 forms or tax returns for two years is required)
    If self-employed, tax returns for past two years
  5. Names and address of employers (employment information must cover at least two years
  6. Bank account numbers, institution addresses, and approximate balances
  7. A listing of your assets such as:
    Real estate
    Stock, bond
    Life insurance and amount of cash value, if any
    Gift letter, if funds are being provided by relatives
    Household furniture and personal property value
    Make, year and value of automobile(s)
  8. A listing of your liabilities, such as:
    Name and addresses of present mortgage company if you own property (include loan numbers, approximate balances, monthly payment)
    Names of credit cards or firms with outstanding balances such as student loans, personal loans, auto loans, etc. (include account numbers, payments and approximate balances)
    Child support or alimony obligations (separation papers or divorce degree required)